Welcome to the SkillsFire Conference 2023!

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Come join us at the intersection of excellence, resilience, and innovation. The esteemed SkillsFire Conference 2023, presented by Networkscape, is dedicated to giving you the knowledge and abilities to successfully negotiate the dynamic environment of today’s work environment.

Meet Your Speakers

Alfred Mathu, our Chief Guest and maestro of financial expertise, will demystify the intricacies of money and provide a path to empowerment and economic savvy.

Leadership Coach Joe Gachira will walk you through the art of powerful leadership with a compass set to inspire, enabling you to make a lasting impression on both your personal and professional journeys.

Muthoni Njoroge, a LinkedIn coach, is aware of the influence of professional networking. She will turn your online presence into a dynamic force that creates limitless possibilities for you.

Llewellyn Ouya is the creator of content, and he is the master of it. Explore the realm of creating content by utilizing tactics that draw viewers in and participate in the modern digital story.

With the energy that only a real digital native can bring, Elvis W, a digital creator at heart and an ambassador of ideas and skill, will oversee the day's events.

At ALX, Abigail Gathigia is an enthusiastic community facilitator who uses teamwork and collective learning to foster both professional and personal development. Abigail fosters a lively community that is linked by a common desire of greatness by empowering people to connect, share, and invent through her ability to design inclusive places.

Ashley Trufena is the team leader for NetworkScape's facilitation department, where she stands out for her ability to lead engaging and productive conversations. Ashley skillfully leads participants through interactive sessions that not only impart information but also inspire action and create a sense of community among attendees.

Why attend?

  1. Expert Insights: Learn from top professionals across various fields.
  2. Network with Greatness: Connect with like-minded individuals and industry leaders.
  3. Elevate Your Career: Discover new tools and strategies to take your professional life to the next level.
  4. Exclusive Content: Gain access to bespoke content tailored just for SkillsFire attendees.
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